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Engaging and inspiring young people is vital, not only for their own development and wellbeing, but for the communities they live in, too.

Matrix builds young people’s self esteem and confidence by giving them a voice and a chance to try new things. We understand the importance of being heard, providing activities that give young people opportunities to speak up and develop their potential whilst making a difference in their local community. Through a variety of innovative workshops we allow young people to release their creativity which in turn benefits their emotional wellbeing, mental health and resilience. These opportunities are often costly or hard to find, so we offer free access for all.

Innovation Workshops

Life skills, exploring creativity, business expertise and making connections in the community are all vital both for a young person’s mental health and the chance to discover their potential.

As an off-shoot of the Youth Hideaway, we engage the local community in providing a variety of engaging, innovative and inspiring workshops for young people to access for FREE. Young people find these opportunities increase their confidence as well as their skills.

If you are a young person wanting to do something that’s not on the list, or a local resident with a skill to offer to young people then DM us here.

Previous workshops have included: Animated Drawing, British Sign Language, Cooking Skills and Street Dance.

Each term we also run the following: Doodle Club, Young Leaders etc.

Youth Steering Group

The Matrix Team is passionate about ensuring the voice of young people is at the heart of everything we do. A key way we do this is through the Youth Steering Group who gather regularly to do 3 things:

INFLUENCE – have a say on the projects we run, interview new youth team and share their experiences and ideas with Trustees

INVESTIGATE – be our eyes and ears on the ground and help us to identify current need or get feedback from peers on current projects and new ideas

INNOVATE – take time to innovate new ideas in response to identified need and volunteer in the Youth Café

Along the way, young people gain business skills, a variety of volunteering experiences and a chance to give back to their local community. They also benefit from FREE drinks and other treats!

We are always looking for new members who would like to be a voice for young people across Guildford Borough.


Ready 4 Action is a social action project that connects young people into their community and creates opportunities for them to be creative ‘problem solvers’. In 2022 we relaunched the project aiming to open young people’s eyes to the needs of their local community and give them lifelong skills in project planning and management.

Young people sign up as a group (Scouts, School, Church Youth Group etc) or as an individual to an 8-10 week programme of workshops where they find a need they’re passionate about, look at possible and attainable ‘solutions’ and put together and complete a project that will impact the community for the better. 

Whether it’s a campaign, a one-off event or project, fundraising for a local charity or something else, each group’s project culminates in young people completing their social action project and attending a celebration event where they can tell friends and family what they have achieved.


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