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One in six school-aged children has a mental health problem and yet there is an average 10-year delay between young people displaying first symptoms and getting help. 

Centre for Mental Health 2021

Matrix intervenes early to provide personalised support for young people when life gets tough. We nurture young people so they’re not left socially excluded or left behind by their vulnerabilities. Through a variety of early intervention and prevention projects, we listen to young people, helping them learn to look after and improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing and build their resilience.

My youth worker showed me breathing things that I can do when I get panic attacks

Young Person

one-to-one sessions

School-based Mental Health First Aid trained Youth Workers provide regular support to young people who are struggling with life, for as long as they need it. The format is relaxed, with a priority on building a relationship of trust and acceptance between the youth worker and the young person. Each 30-45 minute session focuses on listening to the young person and will often include playing a game or doing craft to break the ice. The team are trained to ask questions that draw out issues the young people are dealing with, teaching them techniques to help them through their issues, and where necessary signposting them to more specialised support.

Group Work

Group settings are a really effective way to develop young people’s emotional literacy skills, help them to better identify or articulate their emotions and learn how to manage them. Used as a preventative tool or to intervene early when concerns first arise, young people learn practical strategies of how to manage their feelings outside of the session and are taught the importance of talking about their feelings with others.

We offer 6-week workshop programmes on friendship, anxiety and anger management in school settings, but can also offer adhoc group work for arising issues either in school or at The Youth Hideaway.

What can you do to help me?

I’m a young person, I need help

I'm feeling low
I'm Lonely
I need to work
I'm bored

If you need help urgently, please call the Surrey 24/7 mental health crisis line free on 0800 915 4644.
It’s open all day and all night, seven days a week.

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