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Matrix equips young people for the workplace and adult life. We understand that work experience and social capital are keys to accessing meaningful employment, so we provide work experience placements for those who lack connections and skills training for those who need a confidence boost.

Only 50% of young people feel confident they have relevant work experience or the necessary personal network to succeed in the workplace.


Work Experience

In the 2021 Youth Voice Census, 65% of young people felt that a lack of meaningful work experience was a barrier to finding employment. With our Work Experience Programme, we break the cycle of needing experience to get a job but needing a job to gain experience. Working closely with local schools we find work placements for those who do not have the confidence or connections to find a meaningful placement.

We pair young people with local businesses and organisations, working alongside both to ensure they are prepared to give and gain the best experience possible. Each student is met individually to help identify their passions and we then endeavour to match them with a placement within their chosen career field. Organisations who provide placements are supported to develop an interesting and meaningful plan for the students’ time with them.

The experience has made me a lot calmer around strangers and as a result has made me less fearful about starting a new job.

Youth Leadership Project

Our Thrive programme equips and empowers young people to be confident in the leadership of their  own lives. Every week we eat, learn and serve together, giving young people the opportunity to learn new skills, hear from inspiring local people and take part in new activities and experiences that boost their confidence.This  program also provides young people with opportunities to volunteer in the Youth Café or other Matrix Projects.

Eliza, started to relax more, and then asked one of the team if they could have some toast and toppings that we offer and as they ate they said “this is the first thing I have eaten all day”.

Discover Guildford’s hidden gem – a beautiful café, curated as a space to retreat and connect with friends for a bite to eat.
An initiative of Matrix, The Hideaway is an accredited social enterprise café that provides young people who need a boost into employment with valuable on-the-job experience, mentoring and life skills training.

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