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Priya’s Progress

Priya had experienced some bullying at school and was struggling with attendance, leading to aggressive and rude behaviour wherever they went. When they started coming to the Youth Café, they brought this disruptive behaviour with them and were unwelcoming to others who came along.

The team took time to build trust and engaged them in creative workshops. Not only did they make some amazing pieces of artwork that they were hugely proud of, but the team began to see a change in their attitude. With barriers dropped, they began to relax and feel more comfortable at the Youth Café, were less disruptive and even encouraged others to join the group.

Since then Priya has been invited to join the Youth Steering Group (our monthly gathering of young people who help us make decisions) and have a say on new projects and ideas. 

6 months on they are speaking more positively about themselves and others and have clearly benefitted from having this safe place to return to each week.