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An Incredible Weekend Away!

An Incredible Weekend Away

Talking to a parent recently they joked they’d hardly seen their children this summer, only seeing them when they needed clothes washed for the next trip away! 

While this may be the reality for some (and for many youth workers running the trips) for the young people we work with, going away, trip after trip, simply isn’t possible. Even one weekend away can be a huge deal. So, taking a group of young people away to an activity centre for a weekend away was a massive privilege. And we couldn’t have done it without a generous donation from the High Sheriff Youth Awards for funding this vital trip – THANK YOU!

3 Reflections

Firstly, young people generally don’t like spicy food! Note to self – tose chilli pots are deceptively spicy!

Secondly, I was so encouraged seeing our young people get stuck in to the outdoor activities. From caving to buggy-building, and even orienteering – not usually a very fast-paced activity! The 14 Matrix young people spent the whole weekend full of enthusiasm and engaged in a variety of experiences. While the media tells us how young people are constantly absorbed in their phones, our experience tells us that with the right opportunities this just isn’t the case.

Lastly, young people have an in-built desire to overcome what’s in front of them. Whether that’s the high ropes course, a rainy weekend away in a tent, or time away from the comfort of home, young people will give it a go. Maisie* was really nervous before the weekend and had arranged to be picked up each night by her Mum, but even before the first evening had finished she cancelled her lift and ended up staying both nights, loving every minute and making new friends.

Weekend Away Gives New Opportunities

Give young people the chance, the choice and a bit of gentle encouragement and they’ll invariably have a go at overcoming what’s in front of them.

We’re all looking forward to the next weekend away already!

*name changed