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New Year, New Opportunities

The new academic year is well under way and autumn has definitely arrived here in Guildford! We’re feeling settled into our new home in Allen House Pavilion and have exciting plans for the year ahead.

Speaking of new things, let me introduce myself. My name is Matt and I have recently joined the Youth Team at Matrix, as a Community Youth Worker. Having just finished 3 years training as a Youth Worker in Horsham, whilst studying Youth Work and Theology in London, I am excited to become part of the Matrix team. You’ll see me in Guildford County and George Abbot schools where I’ll be running drop-ins, cafes and one-to-one sessions and I’ll also be developing our Youth Hubs in Bushy Hill and the rural surrounds of Albury.

I wonder what’s new for you this term? New job, new house or new pet? Change can be a really exciting opportunity to do something a bit differently or try something completely new. When we try new things, our experience shapes us and gives a new perspective on how we relate the world.

So, if you’re looking for something new to try this year, there are plenty of opportunities at Matrix. How about giving a few hours a month by volunteering at one of our Youth Hubs? You could help inspire a young person to try new things too, so that they might reach their full potential.

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