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Hollywood Handshake 


This half term we were inspired by the Great British Bake Off to for our hub+ adventures! We gave young people from across Guildford Borough an opportunity to smash a technical and create their own incredible showstopper, all hoping to bake a cake worthy of an infamous Hollywood Handshake. They came full of ideas and left with cake in hand. 

The first task was a technical challenge – follow a basic recipe for a Victoria Sponge Cake. For some the challenge was following a recipe for the first time, but for others it was working with a partner to achieve a great result!

While these baked in the oven we sat around a meal table to eat lunch (fresh soup made by our incredible volunteers). Central to our Hub+ days, this gives young people a chance to belong and be part of a community.

Then came the showstopper! With a few games to warm us up, the cake decorating began and the competition was on. Sugar and sprinkles flew as young people competed to impress our judge and be crowned Star Bakers. The results were incredible and we’re so proud of each contestant!

Over the course of the day, each pair designed and decorated a fantastic cake, and went away having learned new skills and made friends.

For some young people, this day was an alternative to “… sitting on the sofa”  or “…going to Mum’s office” and for the Matrix Team it was a great space for getting to know the young people better with time for longer conversations. 50% of young people told us they made new friends and 100% rated the day above 7/10.  Their achievements would have definitely gained a famous Paul Hollywood handshake. Check out our instagram page to see more of what went on that day!