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(Past) The Matrix FIREWALK

Can you walk on hot coals to ignite change for the youth in Guildford?

Whether you take part as an individual or as part of a group with friends or colleagues, you can help Matrix provide vital support for young people in Guildford Borough.

Is it safe? 
There is an inherent risk in any activity involving fire, but you will be fully supported with an in-depth training session led by an expert team of firewalking professionals – UK Firewalk.

Will it hurt? 
The sensation is described by some as walking on eggshells or hot sand, but we have not known walkers to experience pain. We will also be there on hand to heat up the atmosphere and celebrate your amazing achievement.

What is expected from me?
Taking part in this unique experience will also require you to fundraise for Matrix. We will be using JustGiving as a platform for you to gain your sponsors. All details will be sent through once you have signed up, so all you need to do is spread the word!

Registration Fee: Free
Sponsorship Target: £150

We would love for as many of your friends, family and colleagues to come along to watch your firewalk. After the walk, you’ll receive a certificate and we will take plenty of photos so you can proudly share them with friends and family.

What if I change my mind? 
You are welcome to withdraw at any point.

Any questions, get in touch at [email protected]