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Spencer’s Story

When we first met Spencer* he had recently been put on behaviour report, and the school were concerned about him. He had been experiencing issues in his home life as well as problems with friendships and bullies at school.

Working to benefit young people is fundamental to our goals, so we met with Spencer to determine the best way to support him, we began with some one-to-one sessions which gave him room to communicate, and he opened up about how he wanted to become more resilient towards the bullies. Over a few sessions, we built trust with Spencer, he told us “when I feel scared and sad, it makes me feel better knowing I can talk to you”. Once Spencer was ready, we introduced him to some group sessions with older students, in which he engaged really well.

Spencer is now off behaviour report and is noticeably calmer, it has been great to help him overcome certain issues and enable him to see things from a different perspective, he has also built friendships with the older students from the group sessions and they look out for him around school.

*Name changed for identity purposes