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Malin’s Story

12-year-old Malin was struggling with anger issues as a result of a parental split and other family issues, regular frustration and anger meant they would lash out and get into trouble at school, and at home. 

In our first few sessions they would either be energetic and loud, or completely unengaged with their head on the table. We began to explore these feelings and the causes behind the frustration, working on techniques to manage feelings and reduce their outbursts.

Just when it felt like we were making progress, they began arriving at sessions in a noticeably low mood again. Having previously built up trust, Malin was able to share that they’d been struggling to read and listen in lessons and that they felt ‘no one at school helps with my issues’. This made them frustrated and led them to be disruptive in class. 

Communicating with the school team we supported Malin to find the right support to help alleviate these difficulties. And in November, Malin was recognised in the school’s weekly awards, for their “amazing enthusiasm and progress” with the daily reading intervention programme that had been put in place!

Whilst there are ongoing frustrations with Malin’s family situation, having established a trusting relationship with the Matrix team things at school have at least begun to improve.