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Feeling Happier at School

Jed* started attending our Schools Transition Project last year. By providing a safe and welcoming space for students to express their worries, we help build their confidence and the resilience they need to overcome obstacles they may encounter at secondary school. In the sessions, students like Jed learn how to manage their anxiety, make new friends, and develop the social skills they need to succeed.

Finding the move to secondary school worrying, his mum also had concerns about his lack of maturity and whether he would cope with lunch breaks and moving between lessons. She was aware he’d been leaving books in classrooms and was concerned about his ability to adjust to the new environment.

Fortunately, Jed started attending a number of 1-2-1 transition sessions, as well as our lunchtime drop-ins, Youth Hideaway and Hubs. Over time, he began to benefit from the support and guidance provided by our team. He made new friends and matured a lot.

In particular, he built a strong relationship with his Transition Coach and found the sessions to be a safe and welcoming space to discuss his worries. He learned how to manage his anxiety and not panic when at school. He also acquired the skills to talk and play with people who were not yet his friends.

Jed expressed his appreciation for the project and said that he “now feels happier at school”. He can also “talk about his worries with more confidence and make better decisions”. After attending the sessions for a year, he has matured a lot and made friends in the process.